How do we laugh?

Do you giggle, chuckle or guffaw? In different situations, we would snigger or chortle.

Let’s learn what all these words mean.

GIGGLE at/about [ˈɡɪɡl]- to laugh in a silly way cause you’re embarrassed or nervous.

SP: reírse nerviosamente; FR: rire bêtement; RU: глупо смеяться.


SNIGGER/SNICKER [ˈsnɪɡər] – to laugh quietly but disrespectfully.

SP: reír disimuladamente; FR: ricaner; RU: (злорадно) посмеиваться.


CHUCKLE [ˈtʃʌkl] – to give a short laugh.

SP: soltar una risita; FR: glousser; RU: усмехнуться.


GUFFAW [ɡəˈfɔː] – to laugh loudly.

SP: reírse a carcajadas; FR: s’esclaffer; RU: гоготать.


CHORTLE [ˈtʃɔːrtl] – to laugh loudly with pleasure.

SP: reírse de satisfacción; FR: glousser; RU: возликовать.

  • If your co-worker cracked a joke during an important meeting, would you GUFFAW or CHUCKLE?
  • If you won a coveted award, would you CHORTLE or SNIGGER?
  • If your “enemy” made an absurd comment, would you SNICKER or GIGGLE?


A good laugh is sunshine in the house. — William Thackeray


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