These words are quite often confused by English learners.

FUNNY (amusing; it makes you laugh) – SP: gracioso; FR: drôle; RU: смешной.

FUN (enjoyable) – SP: ; divertido; FR: amusant, sympa; RU: увлекательный, приятный.

fun or funny


Your trip/excursion/date/party is FUN.

That clown/comedy movie/joke is FUNNY.


  • Our excursion to the water park was FUN!
  • Snowboarding looks quite FUN!
  • We did a lot of FUN things on our trip to Paris.


  • He knows a lot of FUNNY stories about animals.
  • Terry Pratchett’s books are really FUNNY, you’ll laugh a lot.


“The Hunger Games’” star Jennifer Lawrence is fun or funny (not in that movie, obviously))?

If you call her FUNNY, you assume that she makes you LAUGH with her jokes or witty remarks.

If sb says that she is FUN, they mean they ENJOY being with her, they have a great time together.

FUN is often used as a noun. Mind how it can be used.


At the party we had FUN!

I’ve taken up dance classes. It’s GOOD/GREAT/ENORMOUS/A LOT OF fun!


FOR FUN SP: por diversión; FR: pour s’amuser; RU: ради развлечения.

I’m not going to become a professional photographer, I take pictures just FOR FUN.


Choose FUN or FUNNY

  • His jokes are always _______.
  • Mary’s job sounds _______, she is an art teacher.
  • Disneyland Park was _______.
  • The comedian’s story was _______.
  • We had great _______ at Madonna’s concert.

What movies or TV shows do you find FUNNY?

In my opinion, “Friends” is a very FUNNY show.

What activities are fun for you?

Playing board games with my friends is FUN.


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