Breathe Vs. Breath

One more pair of commonly confused words. Yet, in this case it’s not hard at all to understand the difference. We’re talking about BREATHE and BREATH. What’s more, we’ll learn three idioms with these words.


BREATHE is a verb and it’s regular. That means that its forms are BREATHE – BREATHED – BREATHED.

To breathe /briːð/: TH in this word is voiced.

I can’t breathe, help me!


    Breath /breθ/ is a noun. TH is voiceless.

    Her breath smelt of fish.


      Do this QUIZ


      Good job! You can breathe now!

      Give it another try!

      #1. Don’t hold your _______.

      #2. The exam is over! I can _______ again.

      #3. Give me a second, I need to get my _______ back.

      #4. After having run 3 kilometres, Ana is out of _______.

      #5. Open the window! I can’t _______ here.

      #6. I’m sick… I can’t _______ properly and I’m sweating.

      #7. Have you just eaten garlic? Your _______ stinks!

      #8. We live and _______ volleyball.