TO CRACK sb UPto make sb laugh.

SP: hacer reír; FR: faire mourir de rire; RU: рассмешить.

*His joke about an ostrich CRACKED us UP.


TO BURST OUT LAUGHING – to laugh suddenly (CRACK UP is a synonym too).

SP: romper a reír; FR: éclater de rire; RU: взрываться от смеха.

*We BURST OUT LAUGHING when he showed us his old photos.


TO BEND OVER LAUGHING – laugh uncontrollably.

SP: doblarse de risa; FR: plier en deux de rire; RU: смеяться до упаду.

*My colleagues BENT OVER LAUGHING when I told them how I fell in front of our boss.


TO LAUGH your head OFF – to laugh very loudly and for a long time.

*I recommend you this new comedy! You’ll laugh your head off!


TO LAUGH sth OFF – dismiss sth as not serious.

SP: tomarse algo a broma; FR: ne pas prendre qch au sérieux; RU: не принять всерьез.

*She is a successful singer because she LAUGHS OFF negative reviews.