If you know the word “worth”, you’ll probably have no problems with identifying the meaning of the words in this article.


The suffix “worthy” means “deserving something, or suitable for something”.


“SOMETHING” in this case is a root of a word.

For instance, NEWSWORTHY. NEWS+WORTHY STORY = such an important or interesting story that it deserves to be covered in the news. It is worth being reported as news.

Are all the stories in gossip magazines newsworthy? 

Is it clear?

Can you figure out what a TRUSTWORTHY PERSON means?

Of course, if your friends call you “trustworthy”, it means that they trust you, you are reliable and dependable.

(I hope it’s true:)


Try to match the words with their definitions or synonyms.

[qsm quiz=14]

Some words with this suffix refer mainly to means of transport. By adding -worthy we say that this or that vehicle is suitable for travelling by road, sea, or air.

Roadworthy bike, airworthy helicopter, seaworthy vessel.


Fill in the blanks. One of the words appears twice.

Trustworthy, newsworthy, praiseworthy, unworthy, noteworthy, cringeworthy, blameworthy, creditworthy, roadworthy, airworthy, seaworthy.

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This infographic shows some common collocations with these words:




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