It may seem unimportant but thinking in a positive way helps us make greater progress in language learning.

Thus, commit yourself to changing your way of thinking if you tend to say these phrases:

I don’t understand anything.

It’s temporary. If you study regularly (and appropriately), soon the things which once seemed difficult won’t frighten you any more.

I don’t have a good memory.

A good memory is a matter of practice. From this moment tell yourself that every time it’s getting easier and easier for you to memorize and recall new vocabulary and grammar rules. And train your memory, of course))

I don’t have a talent for languages.

It’s nonsense. You don’t need any talent for languages. It’s all about practice and regular work.

I’ll forget everything.

Instead, tell yourself that you’ll find a little bit of time to revise the information you’ve learned.

It’s boring.

It can seem boring at the first stages, though nowadays there are so many Internet resources for making Language learning great fun!

Start with something you like: songs, poems, books, TV series, podcasts. It’s not that easy to find interesting material for beginners, but it exists. Or at least it will motivate you to get to a new level as soon as possible.


Track your thoughts when you think about the language you are leaning/have to learn. Are they negative or positive?


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