Michael takes care of the chaos.

In this episode, Janet teaches everyone how to fly while Eleanor helps to clean up the neighbourhood.

Learn these words:

TO DRAW to take out sacar вытаскивать
TO TAKE A VOW OF [vaʊ] to promise prometer дать клятву
TO PASS ON sth to reject rechazar отказаться от
NERD a boring or strange person empollón, bicho raro чудик
TO SOAR [sɔː] to rise quickly elevarse взлетать
MASTERPIECE [ˈmɑːstəˌpiːs] the best work of art obra maestra произведение искусства
MELTDOWN emotional breakdown colapso nervioso нервный срыв
TO NARROW sth DOWN to reduce (the number of possibilities or choices) reducir сводить к
TO BLOW to waste (an opportunity) echar a perder (la oportunidad) упустить (возможность)
FLAW [flɔː] defect imperfección недостаток
GLITCH problem fallo сбой
TO CONJURE [ˈkʌndʒə(r)] to evoke evocar (una imagen) вызывать (в памяти)
MERELY only simplemente всего лишь
TO DITCH to throw sth away deshacerse de выбросить, избавиться от
POINTLESS [ˈpɔɪntlɪs] not worth doing inútil бессмысленный

The Good Place looks like a beehive.



Find out who these lines belong to:

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How much fun is flying?



Fill in the blanks:

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