The Christmas Chronicles 2 Quiz

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    #1. You’re on hallowed ground here. You’re about to _____ something that no one else on Earth has ever seen before.

    #2. Let’s see if you can _____ this!

    #3. You and Jack are supposed to be on _____ with your family.

    #4. Our shuttle _____ into this wormhole.

    #5. The _____ one.

    #6. We have over 300,000 _____ in the village.

    #7. If she designed this place, I think it _____ be called -Mrs. Claus’s Village.

    #8. -I never _____ of that.

    #9. Created by the Forest _____ in 312 A.D.

    #10. The star protects us and keeps us _____ .

    #11. And I’m here to _____ it.

    #12. I’m gonna make everybody _____ that the North Pole and Santa Claus ever existed.