Michael is interrogating Eleanor.

Cacti are beginning to invade Michael’s office.

Learn these words and phrases:

WHILE a period of time rato (некоторое) время
HANDFUL OF a small quantity poco; puñado небольшое количество; горсть
HARASSMENT the act of annoying or worrying somebody by doing unpleasant things to them acoso домогательство
ARSON [ˈɑːrsn] the crime of deliberately setting fire to property. incendio provocado поджог
COMPELLING convincing, making you think it is true persuasive, convincente убедительный, веский
CALL IT A DAY (inf) decide to stop doing sth dar por finalizado завершить, закончить дело
NAIL (inf)  to achieve something or do something right hacer muy bien сделать хорошо, успешно выполнить
CHALK (sth) UP TO (AmE, inf)  consider that something is caused by something atribuir algo a списать на, приписать чему-л.
BETTER OFF happier or more satisfied if they were in a particular position or did a particular thing mejor (emocionalmente), en mejores circunstancias лучше
FACET [ˈfæsɪt] a particular part, aspect of sth faceto, aspecto аспект
ROOM space espacio, lugar, sitio место, пространство
Michael is talking to Jianyu

The “wise” Jianyu is consulting Michael.



 Fill in the blanks:

Eleanor's flashbacks

Moments from the past life Eleanor doesn’t enjoy thinking of.


6.30 – 12.00

 What do words in CAPITAL LETTERS mean?

Eleanor: Then he'll figure out that Jianyu's also a PHONY, and, here's the real dong-buster.
Michael: Tahani, I'll get right to the CRUX of the matter.
Michael: HELP YOURSELF. I've got plenty of those.
Michael: Janet, if you hand me a cactus, I swear I will LOSE MY MIND.
Eleanor: Julie is my cousin's daughter. Her mom is kind of a MESS, so…
Eleanor: How about I tell you more about those churro dogs. They came with unlimited ranch DRESSING.


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The Bad Place has come to the Good Place.

The Good Place vs. the Bad Place.

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