september, 7 - september, 11



5 days to improve your VOCABULARY and SPEAKING!

· Speaking · Listening · Vocabulary ·

What is it about?

Movie Trailers

You memorize words BETTER with videos. Trailers of old and new movies.

Fun Tasks

All the tasks are different and FUN! Quizzes, creative challenges. Speaking, listening, grammar, vocabulary tasks.


You'll learn more than 40 new words and phrases and how to practise them.

Discussion Topics

Take part in discussions, share your opinion to improve your fluency.

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Why do I do this?

I want you to IMPROVE your English while doing things you’re interested in, for example, watching movie trailers.

If you make your learning process FUN, you will get greater results!


  • I’m Olga, a CELTA-certified English teacher. 
  • Linguist, Translator (University of Russia).
  • I’ve been teaching English for more than 10 years in Russia and Spain.
  • Cambridge CPE (level C2) – PROFICIENCY. 
  • I speak 4 foreign languages (English, Spanish, Catalan, French).
  • I’m interested in psychology, art and dance))

From the Previous Sprint

Here are some feedback, our chats and my *greenish comments.


The SPRINT is absolutely FREE!

You can

·fill in the box for participants.


·whatsapp/email me.

You need your email and Telegram or Whatsapp account.

It depends on how fast you work and how concentrated you stay. Around 30-60 minutes.

Starting from A2. This sprint will be interesting and useful for all the levels. 

Nope, we’re gonna watch old and new movie trailers.