Great "HOLIC" words

Have you read “The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic” by Sophie Kinsella?

Actually, it’s the first one of the Shopaholic series. I read (no, DEVOURED) five of them at a go (in fact, there are more than five books).

Have you watched the movie based on these books?

It’s no point explaining who SHOPAHOLIC is.

Yet, apart from SHOPAHOLIC there is a bunch of -HOLIC words, which mean that a person is addicted to sth (usually, used in a humorous way). The tendency of coining these words traces back to the last century. Such words as WORKAHOLIC, FOODAHOLIC, CHOCOHOLIC, GOLFAHOLIC appeared at that time.

And here are some other HOLICS:


 – sb who is rushing all the time, and, perhaps, enjoys being busy.

I’m a total RUSHAHOLIC. I’m busy even at weekends.


Who is a WORDAHOLIC? Sb who loves words or does crosswords all the time.

My Mom never feels bored if she has a couple of crosswords, she is a true WORDAHOLIC.


 – sb who is keen on experimenting with mobile phones.

We can buy some cool gadgets for Paul, he is a MOBIHOLIC.


 – sb who dwells on their past love life; believes in true love, hopelessly romantic.

Only such a LOVEHOLIC will continue to believe in true love after having been dumped so many times.


 – sb who listens to music or play it all the time.

My brother listens to Beatles even during lessons. What a MUSICAHOLIC!


 – sb who talks all the time and is always looking for the possibility to chat.

My flatmate is a TALKAHOLIC, I can study only when she is sleeping.


– sb who says he’s always without money (we say TO BE BROKE) and doesn’t mind spending your money.

Henry is such a BROKAHOLIC, we always have to pay for him when we go out.