Hard vs. Hardly

Do you study HARD or you HARDLY study?

HARD can be an adjective and here we won’t have any problems. It goes before a noun and it’s always HARD.

But there are TWO adverbs: HARD and HARDLY. Let’s find out how to use them correctly.


HARD (some meanings):

With great effort; with difficulty; force:

You should WORK HARD to prepare for this competition.

He got angry and PUSHED HARD his brother.

In a deeply emotional manner:

He took that news HARD.

A lot or for a long time:

It was RAINING HARD when we saw a little puppy.

I THOUGHT HARD before applying for that job.


Some meanings:

1.       Almost not:

They HARDLY KNEW German when they moved to Berlin.


2.       With CAN/COULD = it’s difficult:

Cutting onions made me cry, so I COULD HARDLY cook.


3.       Just now:

I had HARDLY fallen asleep when I heard somebody singing outside my house.

Check out the difference in meanings:

I HARDLY study (I almost don’t study).

I study HARD (I study a lot, making a lot of effort).


What about this Minion? Does he

1.       work hard?

2.       hardly work?