Fitness Idioms

Here are some idioms that can be used in the gym.   A lot of women take up fitness to get rid of their SPARE TIRES. SPARE TIRE – literally means «extra wheel cover». SP: llanta de repuesto; FR: roue de secours; RU: запасное колесо. So, metaphorically it means «fat stomach». SP: michelines, barrigón; FR: ventre, brioche; RU: большой живот.   They start BEASTING it UP = training intensively.   After the first workout, they are likely to FIT/BE READY TO DROP or to feel ALL IN = to be very tired. If they train regularly and eat clean, they become very fit, and we can call them FIGHTING FIT or FIT AS A FIDDLE. And some gym-goers get SIX-PACK ABS. What does SIX-PACK literally mean? A set of cans sold together, especially of beer. SP: paquete de seis; FR: pack de six; RU: шесть банок (пива), стяжка. But if we talk about a human body we mean “very strong abdominal muscles”. SP: tableta de chocolate; FR: tablettes de chocolat; RU: пресс кубиками.   What do you do to be FIGHTING FIT?   Check these FITNESS articles: FITNESS PHRASAL VERBS FITNESS PROBLEMS FITNESS: HOW TO DESCRIBE PEOPLE FITNESS GEAR FITNESS QUIZ