How to improve your English
watching movies?


With these

How to learn English with Movies




Learn new words and phrases 

(PDF list and Quizlet).

Watch the movie. 

Pay attention to the learnt words.

Do the exercises.

Revise the words and phrases.


Year: 2018
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Languages: Eng, Ru, Sp, Fr, It

Year: 2018
Genre: Family/Adventure
Languages: Eng, Ru, Sp, Fr, It

Year: 2017
Genre: Animation/Family
Languages: Eng, Ru, Sp, Fr, It

Year: 2016
Genre: Musical/Romance
Languages: Eng, Ru, Sp, Fr, It

Year: 2010
Genre: Thriller/Action
Languages: Eng, Ru, Sp, Fr, It


I create movie wordlists for Russian, Spanish, French speakers and some of them feature Italian as well.

So, you can choose, what language pair you need:

Eng-Ru (English-Russian)

Eng-Sp (English-Spanish)

Eng-Fr (English-French)

Eng-It (English-Italian)

You can also order an Eng-Eng (English-English) wordlist. 

In this case, instead of a translation, you get a synonym or definition in English. Such wordlists were made for people whose native language is other than Russian, Spanish, French or Italian or for those whose level is quite high and who’re used to working with Eng-Eng Dictionaries. Working with Eng-Eng wordlists you memorise better synonym groups and you expand your vocabulary even more.

What else?

If you are Russian, for example, but apart from English you’re learning/know French as well, try working with an Eng-Fr wordlist. In this case, you’ll refresh both languages.

Anyway, it’s up to you!


What is Quizlet?

QUIZLET is a free online application for studying and memorizing.

You work with flashcards in order to learn and memorize new words. 

Why is it great for language learners?

Quizlet doesn't show you the words in the same order. It SHUFFLES the cards.

It makes your brain stay alert and later on you RECALL necessary words/phrases much easier.

Quizlet marks the words you had difficulties with and shows them to you MORE TIMES.

You DON'T WASTE TIME on easy words but you work more with tricky ones and you MEMORISE them FASTER.

You can check every WORD'S PRONUNCIATION (there're audio files).

We can never be sure how new words are pronounced. With Quizlet you DON'T have to LOOK NEW WORDS UP in a dictionary.

You can TEST how well you've memorised the cards and practise translating from a foreign language to your mother tongue and vice versa.

For example:

I'd start translating from English to Russian and then from Russian to English.

You can find out if you're good at SPELLING the learnt words and phrases.

You can play different GAMES.

Doing various tasks helps you memorise words and phrases better.

That’s why, apart from PDF wordlists, I provide you with Quizlet wordlists.

Check all the ways you can learn new words and test your knowledge. There are quite a few! Enjoy!

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What My Students Say

I have to remark that people in my work are fascinated by my fast progress with English. Olga is a great professional, her methods and study techniques are very effective. You can see that she likes teaching and this is transmitted to the results.
Hi, my name is Antonio and I have been studying English with Olga for almost a year. I needed to be able to express myself more clearly, learn to hold a conversation in English and review various grammar and vocabulary concepts for my work. Olga has helped me in all this, always teaching me that English can be easier than it seems and that with very little effort you can achieve a good level of English. Last summer I spent 21 days in the United States, which gave me a lot of respect for the language, and thanks to the classes with Olga and the pretrip reviews of vocabulary and phrases I might need, everything went smoothly. If you want to learn English or improve your existing level, Olga can help you and make you better in a short time.
My name is Patricia from Valencia, I'm 25. I'm studying English because my work, Currently I'm a fintech programmer and It's essential to be fluent in English for reading all the docs. Furthermore, I love travelling and speaking English is very usefull when you are abroad. I used to have problems with my pronunciation and I decided to start English lessons with Olga. I improved it and I also learnt new vocabulary and grammar tips. Olga's lessons are on the one hand exciting and fun, and on the other very productive. I'm gratefull for her patience and her dedication.
De Olga solo puedo expresar gratas palabras por tratarse de una persona que realiza su tarea con responsabilidad y paciencia. Gracias a su trabajo como profesora de ingles he obtenido el resultado de notable alto (8.5) en mi prueba de acceso a la universidad.

Why do I do this?

I try to demonstrate that you can enormously improve your English while doing things you’re interested in:

·watching movies·

If you make your learning process FUN, you will get greater results!


  • I’m Olga, a CELTA-certified English teacher. 
  • Linguist, Translator (University of Russia).
  • I’ve been teaching English for more than 10 years in Russia and Spain.
  • Cambridge Level CPE (C2) – PROFICIENCY. 
  • I speak 4 foreign languages (English, Spanish, Catalan, French).
  • I’m interested in psychology, art and dance))