Children's Games

Here are some names of the games we used to play in our childhood.

Did you know what they’re called in English?


Other names: Touch and Go, Chasey, Tick, Tips, Tiggy, Tig, It.

TO TAG – to touch another player in this kind of game.

IT – a player who has to chase and tag others.

RULES: IT has to chase other players and tag one of them, the tagged person becomes “IT” and has to chase and tag another player.

I didn’t like this game cause I felt under pressure when I had to escape from “IT”.

What about you? Were you a good runner?


RULES: one player has to find the others who have hidden.

We used to play it at home, a lot of unusual places suitable for hiding were found including coats and tops of the closets 😊


Other names: Duck, Duck, Gray Duck; Daisy in the Dell.

RULES: players sit in a circle. IT walks around tapping each player saying “duck, duck, duck..” and finally calls one player “goose”. This player has to chase IT and TAG it, while IT has to sit where “the goose” had been sitting before.


It’s a team game.

RULES: players throw balls trying to hit their opponents. They have to avoid being hit themselves.


RULES: the same as in TAG but IT is blindfolded.

* To blindfold sb – to cover their eyes with sth so that they can’t see.

We used to play this game with my Mom and my brother in a small flat… Pretty dangerous but so exciting.

Which of these games did you use to play in your childhood?

Which one is your favourite?

I loved DODGEBALL a lot.