Shopaholic 2

Learn the words: WORD/PHRASE MEANING CONTEXT SPANISH RUSSIAN AIRHEAD  stupid person (pej, sl)  … and instead of thinking you’re an airhead, people think you’re a heavyweight intellectual who has broader interests … baboso болван TO SKIM sth read quickly but not carefully … and I’m thinking maybe I should at Read more…

Shopaholic 1

CHAPTER I WORD/PHRASE CONTEXT SPANISH RUSSIAN TO BE WORTH sth But it was definitely worth every penny—everyone’s admired it. valer la pena стоить ч-л TO LOATHE sth/sb [loʊð] I loathe Clare Edwards. odiar ненавидеть TO DAWN ON sb … and then suddenly, the truth dawns on me. ocurrírsele a осенить Read more…


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