Careless Vs. Carefree

Do you know how to use CAREFREE and CARELESS when we talk about people?

Do you know the difference between them?

Which one would you pick here?

I’m glad to see you’re satisfied and ___________. It means you’ve solved all your problems.

a.       a. CAREFREE

b.       b. CARELESS

    It’s CAREFREE.


      [ˈkeəfriː] without worry and anxiety.

      SP: despreocupado

      FR: insouciant

      RU: беззаботный

      IT: spensierato

      Use “CAREFREE” to say that a person is happy, untroubled. 

      We all want to feel CAREFREE, don’t we?


      [ˈkeələs] not paying enough attention, inaccurate.

      SP: descuidado

      FR: négligent

      RU: недобросовестный

      IT: disattento

      Use “CARELESS” to talk about people who are thoughtless, who don’t make enough effort.

      We wouldn’t like to have a CARELESS person in our business or at work, don’t we?

      Do this QUIZ


      You’ve done it!


      I won’t tell anyone… But try again…

      #1. When we were young, we were __________.

      #2. My friends are a bit __________ with money.

      #3. Days-off always make me feel __________ and refreshed.

      #4. I never ask Jim for a ride cause he’s a __________ driver.

      #5. He felt __________ for the first time after that accident.

      #6. Catherine was criticised for being a __________ teacher.

      #7. I had a great time playing with my nephews feeling like a __________ kid.

      #8. Don’t hire her as a secretary if you don´t want to have problems. She is rather __________.