Bad Smells

Find out how many synonyms of BAD SMELL you already know and what B.O. stands for!


Defo, you can say that sth is SMELLY or STINKY when it has an unpleasant smell. STINKY is stronger than SMELLY.

(Every time I hear “SMELLY” the only image comes to my mind: Phoebe’s song “Smelly Cat”…. If you’ve watched “FRIENDS” you have this song in your head now).

·I’ll never return to this place. It’s SMELLY and noisy.

·I’ve no idea how you can eat this STINKY fish.


A FUNKY smell is the smell of sth that’s a little bit rotten, moldy, sweaty.

·His fridge smelt really FUNKY.


PUNGENT /ˈpʌndʒənt/ means having a strong smell.

The sauce was disagreeably PUNGENT.

I’ve heard it in Marvellous Mrs. Maisel. She’d been waiting for her turn to get on stage more than she planned and every time she thought it was her, she got sweaty. So, her manager Susie told her she was PUNGENT.


B.O. stands for BODY ORDOUR.

·I have B.O. after working out. I should take a shower.


You can guess the meaning of MORNING BREATH – the awful
smell and taste your mouth has when you wake up in the morning.

No doubt, it has many slang synonyms. We’re gonna have a
look at them in another post.

·Does anyone know how to get rid of MORNING BREATH?

Practise using the new words in speaking or writing:

·When do you have B.O.?

·Does your fridge smell FUNKY?

·What do you do to get rid of MORNING BREATH?

·Do you like STINKY food like mustard and wasabi?

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