– Are you one of those who can manage their time?

– Or one of us? Running around various tasks, commitments.

Trying to set priorities and ending up doing urgent things instead of important ones.

Whichever campus you belong to, you’ll certainly make use of these idioms about time.

Chase your (own) tail

– waste your time without achieving anything.

(SP: perder tiempo para nada; FR: perdre du temps; RU: потратить время в пустую)

Ted has been chasing his tail about the new project, but he doesn’t have anything to show to his boss.

Fast track sth

– a quick way to achieve something.

(SP: vía rápida; FR: voie rapide; RU:кратчайший путь)

This singer is on the fast track to succeed in show business.

Do sth against the clock

– do it fast in order to finish before a particular time.

(SP: a contrarreloj; FR: contre la montre; RU: делать быстро, чтобы уложиться в срок)

Our team has to work against the clock to open our new shop on time.

Crunch time

– an important moment when you must make a decision or take action.

(SP: momento de la verdad; FR: moment critique; RU: решающий момент)

At crunch time your true friends will be there for you.

In/by leaps and bounds

– very quickly.

(SP: rápidamente; FR: à pas de géant; RU: очень быстро)

His company has grown in/by leaps and bounds.

Cut it/cut things fine

– to leave yourself just enough time to do something.

(SP: tener poco tiempo; FR: ça va être juste; RU: иметь времени в обрез)

Let’s leave earlier, I don’t want to cut it fine.

Make up for lost time

– to compensate for past inaction.

(SP: recuperar el tiempo perdido; FR: rattraper le temps perdu; RU: наверстать упущенное)

I have to study English every day to make up for lost time.

Are you chasing your tail right now? If you are, make up for lost time and get things done!


If you tend to procrastinate when you feel blue or have problems with achieving your goals, read Brian Tracy’s book “CRUNCH TIME”.

It’s worth your TIME.


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